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When you’re a new parent, you are pretty much constantly in a state of panic. After all, you have never taken care of anything as precious to you as your brand new bundle of joy. One of the most important investments you can make for the safety of your baby and your own peace of mind is in a video baby monitor. There is no other electronic device as valuable to the parent of an infant than a baby monitor, and with the latest technology available to us, you can feel more secure in your baby’s safety and comfort more than ever. At Smarssen, we carry a smartphone baby monitor that is unparalleled in terms of ease of use and advanced technology. With built-in WiFi, you can take a look into your baby’s bedroom from anywhere you have your smartphone, and with a 720p HD camera, the image you see on your screen will be crystal clear, night or day.

If you’re still not convinced that a smartphone video baby monitor is a must-have, read on for the top reasons you need one in your nursery.

Better Safety and Security

When it comes to safety and security, it’s hard to beat video monitors. You might hear your child crying over an audio baby monitor, but you would have no way of knowing the source of their tears. With a video baby monitor, you can see if your little one bumped their head or fell out of the crib, making it much simpler to know how to care for them when the waterworks start. If your child is older, you can use the baby monitor to ensure that they are staying tucked in all night long. Additionally, your smartphone baby monitor can be used as added security for your home; our baby monitor with camera is motion-detecting, and will send you an email when it detects anything moving.

More Access

Because our smartphone baby monitors are WiFi capable, you can see what is going on in your baby’s nursery from anywhere in the world. Imagine leaving your spouse home with the baby while you go on a business trip, but still being able to check in on the wee one whenever you choose. If you leave your child at home with a nanny during the day, you can check the live feed of your video camera to make sure your baby is safe and sound.

Improved Sleep Training

When you have a video baby monitor, you can see if your child is awake or asleep at any given moment. While every family has a different philosophy on sleep training, in general, it requires that a parent give their child some time to practice self-soothing before intervening. When you have a video baby monitor, you can easily see whether your child is fussing because they really need something, or if they just need a moment to soothe themselves back to sleep. It is impossible to get a full picture of what is happening in the crib from a baby monitor that simply has audio. You can sleep train must faster with a video baby monitor because you have the information you need before going into your child’s room.

Track Their Sleep

Not only can a baby monitor help with sleep training, it can also give you a more accurate picture of how much sleep your child is actually getting. Your child may toss and turn in the middle of the night, but not let out of a peep, so if you have an audio baby monitor, you don’t realize that they are not getting enough sleep. It is important for infants to get at least 12 hours of sleep per day as their bodies work hard to grow, so it is imperative that you prioritize making sure your baby is dozing. With our motion-sensor video baby monitor, you will be alerted of any movements, letting you know if your baby sits or stands up in the night.

Get More Sleep Yourself

New parents are notoriously sleep-deprived, so anything that allows you to capture a few more precious moments of sleep is worth the investment. When you have a video baby monitor, you don’t need to constantly get up in the middle of the night to check out the sound you heard on your audio baby monitor; you can see for yourself what is going on in your baby’s room without unnecessarily getting out of the comfort of your own bed.

All of this is to say that smartphone baby monitors give you the extra peace of mind you need when you’re a parent. When you are looking for a smartphone baby monitor, Smarssen carries all the high-tech gadgets you need to make your life better. Shop Smarssen for innovative living.