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Stress and chronic pain are common occurrences that almost all individuals experience at some point during their life. There are various causes for stress buildup, yet all stressors generally have a similar effect on one’s body. Stress can stem from many areas of one’s life such as work, family, finances, and timely deadlines that need to be met. If not properly dealt with, stress can compartmentalize in one’s body causing muscle tension, joint pain, decreased quality of sleep, headaches, and much more. Though stress can seem almost unavoidable at times, it can often be mitigated and it’s effects minimized with a simple technique. Through the practice of massage, individuals can effectively relieve tight spots, pressure points, and soft tissue pain, ultimately restoring your well-being while eliminating stress buildup in the body.

According to the Mayo Clinic, massage has been shown as an effective method to relieve anxiety, digestive disorders, headaches, soft tissue injuries, joint pain, and many more conditions. At Smarssen, your wellbeing is our top priority, which is why we’ve compiled the top massage products to help relieve pain and stress, so that you may take control of your life again. View our stress relief products below to find a solution that is right for your lifestyle.  

Smarssen Shiatsu Massager with Heat

High-tension stress is often stored in the neck and shoulder areas, leading to tightness in the upper body, limited neck mobility, and general discomfort throughout the day. Breaking up the tense muscle tissue located in the neck and shoulders can work wonders for individuals suffering from chronic pain, which can easily be achieved through massage therapy. Now you can experience the relief massage therapy brings with Smarssen’s shiatsu massager.

Our shiatsu massager was designed to gently work out the knots and muscle tension in the upper body area, leading to a sense of relief and looseness felt throughout the entire body. Its bi-directional movements paired with its adjustable speed settings ensure that every user can find a setting that fits their needs. The Smarssen shiatsu massager is easy to use and offers a built-in heating feature to aid in the breakdown of tense muscle tissue. While our shiatsu massager is excellent at loosening tight muscles around the neck and shoulders, it can also be used for your legs, waist, and back as well. If you experience tightness daily in your shoulders and neck, Smarssen’s shiatsu heat massager is right for you.

Shiatsu Pillow Massager with Heat

Do you work in an office environment or sit for long periods of time behind a desk? If so, you’ve probably experienced back tightness, sciatic pain, or the spinal compression caused by excessive sitting. What if there was a way to sit comfortably while relieving aches and pains that come and go throughout the day? Now you can with Smarssen’s shiatsu pillow massager.

Our shiatsu pillow massager can easily be attached to your chair in the office or at home, and is ready for immediate use after simply plugging the massager into an outlet. It’s adjustable sizing straps make it a universal accessory to most chairs, providing instant relief at a moment’s notice. The Smarssen shiatsu pillow massager breaks up excessively tight muscles thanks to its rounded deep-tissue massagers, which work on acupressure points throughout the body for expedited relief. With it’s heated massage feature, Smarssen’s pillow massager provides therapeutic value at an affordable price.

Handheld Tens and EMS Pulse Massager

If you suffer from pinched nerves, sciatic discomfort, or acute muscle tissue pain, you know how disruptive and detrimental it can be for your overall level of productivity. Nerve pain can often become debilitating, making it difficult for the individual in pain to concentrate or participate in daily activities. Simple necessities such as driving, spending time with family, or going outdoors can often seem like dreadful tasks where pain may strike unexpectedly. Luckily, those suffering from acute nerve or muscle pain can find comfort and relaxation through the use of electrical muscular stimulation.

Smarssen’s handheld TENS and EMS pulse massager is as effective as it is easy to use. Our TENS massager comes equipped with six adhesive gel electrodes which are simply placed on your areas of pain. The EMS device then sends electrical signals to the specified areas of pain, which assists in the repair of damaged muscle tissue and brings relief to those with chronic nerve pain. Smarssen’s handheld pulse massager features 10 different massage modes and 20 different levels of intensity so that all individuals in pain ranging from minor to severe can find a sense of relief. We understand that some customers may be hesitant in using an electrical muscular stimulation device for the first time, so we include an acupuncture chart with all our pulse massagers, which outlines the major areas one should target for maximum pain relief.

Alleviate Your Pain Today

If you suffer from chronic pain and feel that massage is right for you, browse Smarssen’s massage therapy products. All our massagers cost less than a single massage therapy session and are designed to last for years of continued pain relief.

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