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When you hit the gym, you may have noticed a few people rocking heart rate monitors on the treadmill and wondered if they really live up to the hype. While some fitness gadgets may be all talk, a heart rate monitor is actually worth the investment. When you have a heart rate monitor, you can easily identify your ideal training pace and stop yourself from overtraining. Heart rate monitors are also incredibly easy to use; simply strap them on, connect them to an app, and work out. At Smarssen, our smart heart rate monitor allows you to accurately track your heart rate in real time by connecting it to the fitness app of your choice. The completely adjustable strap is comfortable, sweat-resistant, and easy to wear and clean, so you can put it on during even the toughest workout and feel confident. When you invest in a bluetooth heart rate monitor from Smarssen, here are five steps you can take to ensure you get the most out of your new electronic gadget. 

Calculate Your Max Heart Rate

First, you need to figure out your maximum heart rate. You may have heard that you can calculate this number by subtracting your age from 220, but this actually only provides a rough estimate. Fortunately, when you have a heart rate monitor, you can figure out an accurate max heart rate for yourself. Do this by strapping on your bluetooth heart rate monitor and hit the gym. The trick is to push yourself as hard as possible during the workout. The highest number that is recorded by your monitor is your maximum heart rate. This is an important number to determine because it allows you to gauge every other workout.

Calculate Your Easy Heart Rate

Now that you know your maximum heart rate, you want to calculate your target heart rate for “easy” workouts. While overachievers may want to go hard for every workout, scheduling in low-impact, easy workouts is a good idea to allow yourself recovery time without spending it hanging out on the couch with a bag of chips. Active recovery allows you to build your endurance while not overtraining. A heart rate is a great way to keep yourself honest during an active recovery workout because it will allow you to slow down and regroup when your heart rate is getting too high.

You can estimate your easy heart rate as around 70 percent of your max heart rate. It might seem slow, but most runners will need to keep it in the 140 BPM range. Go on a run and see where your heart rate is when you are at a comfortable pace during which you can easily have a conversation.

Build Endurance

Building endurance is key to improving your aerobic performance. A heart rate monitor is a powerful tool for achieving this goal. When you are training for endurance, wear a heart rate monitor, and stick in the 50 to 65 percent range of your maximum heart rate for the entirety of your longer workout.

Try Tempo

If you want to improve your running performance, try tempo running. A tempo run is a fast-paced workout that helps to improve the efficiency of how your body uses oxygen by elevating your lactate threshold, or LT (that burning sensation you feel in your muscles). The key is to go fast; if you go too slow, you won’t improve your LT. Your heart rate monitor can help you with this by making sure you are maintaining the right pace. In general, you want your heart rate to be around 90 percent of your maximum heart rate.


High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, is an intense workout that is incredibly effective for improving your metabolism, endurance, and fat-burning potential. When you have a heart rate monitor, you can maximize these workouts. First perform speed intervals at 90 percent of your max heart rate, and then perform recovery intervals at 60 percent of your max heart rate. While the focus of HIIT workouts is really on how much effort you are putting in over your heart rate, a heart rate monitor can be a handy way to ensure you are getting the most out of your workout.

Now that you know how to get the most out of your smart heart rate monitor, you are ready to hit the gym! At Smarssen, we carry a variety of unique electronic gadgets to make your life easier, happier, and better, including bluetooth heart rate monitors. Shop Smarssen: the smart person’s choice.