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Vacuum sealers are great tools for storing food for long periods of time, while retaining the moisture and juiciness you would want in a fresh meal. Though you can use vacuum sealers for many different items not related to food, many people use them for storing prepared meals that can easily be heated for future consumption. It is incredibly easy to use Smarssen’s vacuum sealer, and with just a few uses, you will be able to effectively vacuum seal various items with ease. Throughout this post, we will walk readers through exactly how to use a vacuum sealer, so that you can properly store your items and food without worry.

At Smarssen’s online store, we are dedicated to providing premium quality products which were created to reinvent the way you live day-to-day. All our innovative products are easy to use while making daily tasks much more efficient. If you would like to learn how to use Smarssen’s vacuum sealer, continue reading more below!

How to Use Smarssen’s Vacuum Sealer

  1. Begin by placing your food of choice in a vacuum sealable bag.
  2. Place the open end of the vacuum sealable bag on the grooved vacuum plate, ensuring that the bag is straightly aligned.
  3. Close the top cover of the vacuum sealer until you hear an audible clicking noise. The vacuum sealer is now in place and ready to remove the air from your sealable bag.
  4. Press the “Vac Seal” button located on the front of the top cover to begin vacuum sealing your food.
  5. Once the vacuum sealer has completed its sealing process, press the buttons located on the sides of the vacuum sealer to release the sealed bag.
  6. Your food is now properly sealed, ensuring that it remains free of contaminants and will be able to withstand long periods of storage.

Not only is our vacuum sealer useful for storing food and miscellaneous items around the house, it is also a great tool to easily marinade meats by concentrating the marinade under high pressure so that it can penetrate your meat of choice much more easily. While traditional marinades are usually required to sit for hours at a time to gain a full flavor profile, a vacuum sealed marinade only requires 20 minutes before it is fully marinated and ready for cooking.

Following the simple instructions listed above will make it incredibly easy for you to use Smarssen’s food vacuum sealer, and will ensure that your food is effectively sealed so that no contaminants may enter the bag while it is stored away. If you would like to learn about our vacuum sealer’s full list of functions, or would like to see it in action via a demonstration video, visit our online store today. We provide customers with free shipping on every order placed and offer accurate tracking for every order. If you want to experience the quality that Smarssen products offer at a discounted price, take advantage of our current promo! Reference the promo code “SMARSSEN10” during checkout to take 10 percent off your first order immediately!