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Summertime is synonymous with family barbecues, grilling at home, hiking and camping, and soaking up sunshine while relaxing outdoors. The changing weather often affects the diets of many individuals, as it becomes easier to cook outdoors during consistently sunny weather. However, cooking the same dishes can become monotonous, making the preparation of meals seem dreadful rather than a process that should be exciting and fun.

Small changes to your food can make a big difference to your final dish. Implementing simple variations for meals you’ve previously cooked can transform a seemingly mundane dish into a fresh plate of food that looks good and tastes even better. We at Smarssen believe that cooking doesn’t have to be an activity to avoid, rather, it can be something to look forward to with the right preparation. That’s why we’ve made a list of four cooking accessories to add to your kitchen this summer to change how you view cooking forever.

Professional Culinary Butane Torch

Give your dish the culinary touch it needs with Smarssen’s professional culinary butane torch. The perfect addition for any foodie’s kitchen, culinary torches can be used for much more than just desserts. Achieve a stunning-looking sear that will impress your friends and family, or easily elevate your juicy steak with a satiating caramelized crust.

Smarssen’s professional culinary butane torch comes with a continuous flame setting allowing the torch to remain on without the need to keep the trigger engaged. Our culinary torch is equipped with a broad base so that you can stand the torch upright while using the continuous flame setting. If you’re ready to refine your culinary presentation skills while enhancing the flavors of your meals, order Smarssen’s professional butane torch today.

Stainless Steel Mandoline Vegetable Slicer

Chopping and slicing vegetables with a knife produces inconsistent results which lack the aesthetics of a well-composed dish. Not only does using a knife when slicing vegetables make it more difficult to produce aesthetically pleasing cuts, it also creates unnecessary work for you. If you would like to easily take your meal presentation from elementary to gourmet, the stainless steel mandoline vegetable slicer from Smarssen should be the next addition to your kitchen.

Our steel mandoline slicer is extremely easy to use, and produces precise results with each slice. Smarssen’s mandoline vegetable slicer features five different inserts to choose from, all of which slice at various sizes for your vegetable prepping needs. If you’re ready to slice your prep time significantly, our stainless steel mandoline vegetable slicer is an exceptional choice to add to your kitchen accessories.

Vegetable Slicer and Spiralizer

Getting tired of the same old spaghetti and pasta noodles? If you’re sick of store bought noodles that lack flavor and are packed with needless additives, try an alternative approach with Smarssen’s vegetable slicer and spiralizer! Turn full zucchinis into a plate full of veggie noodles in a matter of minutes. Slice just the right amount of vegetables for your stir fry or salad with little to no effort. With Smarssen’s vegetable slicer and spiralizer, the creative culinary options are endless.

Our vegetable spiralizer includes three different styles of blades that are interchangeable based on the style of your dish. Whether you want to make fries or potato chips, or just need an effective method of slicing up your vegetables, our spiralizer is equipped to handle it all. The spiralizer can be easily mounted to your counter with the use of its suction cup located on the bottom of the device, making for easy slicing and spiralizing while remaining stationary. Get creative with your next dish by trying Smarssen’s versatile slicer and spiralizer today.

Stainless Steel Beer Chiller

If you’ve ever flipped burgers during the heat of summer with a beer in hand, you’ve probably experienced how quickly beer can warm until it is no longer enjoyable to drink. If you’d like to keep your beer colder for longer, Smarssen has the perfect product for you. Quickly cool your beer down to a deliciously chilled state with Smarssen’s stainless steel beer chiller.

The stainless steel beer chiller from Smarssen fits almost all beer bottles, and is easily insertable to remain in place in your bottle of choice. Simply place the stainless steel beer chiller into the freezer before using to keep your beer ice cold throughout. Our beer chillers come in packs of two, so that you can always have an extra in the freezer, or simply gift one to a friend or family member. Make sure you’re ready for the scorching weather summer brings with Smarssen’s stainless steel beer chiller.

Transform Your Cooking Style

Though summer has finally arrived, it’s not too late to stock up on your much needed kitchen accessories! Ensure that your summer is filled with creative meals and fun cooking opportunities with Smarsenn’s broad lineup of food appliances. We carry something for every culinary need so that casual cooks and seasoned chefs alike can find a product or cooking accessory to add to their kitchen.

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