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Are you looking for the latest in lighting technology, allowing you to take full control over your lights with timers, sleep settings, color adjustments, and more? Traditional lights are inefficient, are more costly to use, and often times don’t give off a sufficient amount of light. With advancements in technology, modern lighting can now be controlled by motion sensors, wifi, and even bluetooth straight from your smartphone or tablet. If you’re looking to give your home a modernized facelift, choose Smarssen’s broad lineup of smart bulbs and motion activated lights.

Any Color for Any Setting

If you’re searching for a light bulb which allows full control of its brightness as well as its color, search no further than the Smarssen bluetooth LED smart light bulb. LED light bulbs cost a fraction of the price to power when compared to conventional light bulbs and are even more cost effective with timer and sleep settings. Smarssen’s LED smart light bulb offers 20 pre-programmed color modes with over 16 million colors for you to choose straight from your smartphone or tablet. With the ability to control up to five smart light bulbs at once, the Smarssen LED smart light bulb is an excellent choice to give your home a uniform look and feel.

State-Of-The-Art Security

Looking to protect your property at night from pesky animals or strangers? The installation of a motion-activated light effectively removes all worries of unwanted activity around your house at night. If your driveway or home entrance is lacking proper lighting to ensure your safety at night, install an outdoor motion sensor security light from Smarssen. Our security lights are extremely easy to install with its freestanding base. Simply place the security light near an area of your house that you would like to illuminate. Alternatively, we also include a screw-in ground stake with every outdoor security light, so that you may set our highly luminescent security light in your lawn. If you’re ready to improve the security of your house today, order Smarssen’s outdoor motion sensor security light.

Plug-In Motion Sensor LED

If you are in need of an incredibly bright night light that’s simple to install, our plug-in motion sensor LED is perfect for you. Standard night lights require batteries that often need to be replaced during inconvenient times. With Smarssen’s highly efficient plug-in motion sensor LED lights, you’ll never have to change a battery again. Our motion sensor LEDs can be plugged in around the house, in your bathroom, or even along staircases so that you can walk freely at night without having to turn on uncomfortably bright lights. Our plug-in motion sensor night lights come equipped with adaptive lighting sensors that gradually increase in brightness levels as you walk closer to the night light. Make your night time trips around the house easy and comfortable with Smarssen’s plug-in motion sensor LED lights.

Stick-On Motion Sensor LED

Do you want the effectiveness of plug-in motion sensor LED lights with the freedom of choosing where to place lights around your house? Consider the incredibly adhesive, stick-on motion sensor LED night light from Smarssen. Not only are our stick-on motion sensor LEDs great for non-metal surfaces, they’re also equipped with a magnetic backside for easy placement on metal surfaces. Our stick-on LED night lights are motion-activated and utilize auto-off capabilities so that you can save money and preserve energy. Smarssen’s LED night lights have a 35,000 hour lifespan before requiring new batteries, ensuring that you can enjoy a well-lit house for years at a time without having to worry about bulb or battery replacements.

Transform Your Home

Smarssen provides peace of mind to customers seeking lighting with an extensive lifespan, optimal brightness levels, and full lighting controls that can be manipulated by your smartphone or tablet. If you’re looking to quickly and affordably transform your house’s lighting, shop Smarssen’s inventory of smart lights and lighting accessories.

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