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Homeowners want to make their living spaces more eco-friendly. More people are becoming aware of their impact on the environment and are eager to do something about it. They know that we are using more resources than we're creating, meaning that we're leaving less and less for future generations. By changing simple habits and using more eco-friendly methods, we can start to undo some of the damage that's been done to the environment. 

Making your home more eco-friendly is a great place to start. It's not just good for the environment, it's often good for your budget, too. One of the ways people are going green at home is with automated home lighting. It's easy to set up and can provide huge energy savings for the average home. If you are looking for great ways to make your home green, you need to learn more about automated home lighting and how it can benefit you and the environment. 

What Is Automated Home Lighting? 

Automated home lighting doesn't depend on someone flipping on and off a switch on the wall to work. Instead, the lighting in your home is connected to something that automates the process. That could be a timer, a motion detector, or more commonly, a smartphone app that controls when lights go on and off in your home. You'll be able to set the time and color of your lighting to suit your needs, all without touching a wall switch. 

How Does It Benefit the Environment? 

  • You won't forget to turn off the lights ever again. Have you ever left lights on in a room that you weren't using for a long period of time? That won't happen anymore. Automated lighting can be controlled remotely so you can turn off those lights even when you are halfway around the world right on your smartphone. You can also set up automatic lighting with a motion detector, which will turn lights on when someone enters the room and turn them off when there is no movement.
  • Automated lighting systems use LEDs, which use less energy to work. They also last a lot longer, which means there is less waste to throw into our landfills. They are also free of mercury, so there aren't any hazardous materials to get into the earth or water supply. Plus, LEDs can help us cut carbon emissions! 
  • In addition to automating your lighting, many automated systems give you control over your small appliances as well. Now you can turn on and off those systems through your smartphone, controlling what's getting electricity and ensuring that you aren't using any more than is necessary. 

How Does It Benefit My Home? 

  • It can make your home safer. Automated lighting systems allow you to turn on lights automatically. That means you can have the lights on when you get home or have them go on and off while you are away on a vacation. This can act as a deterrent to would-be burglars who won't be sure whether or not you are home.
  • It lowers your electricity bills. You'll end up losing less electricity with automated lighting, meaning you'll be paying less money on your monthly energy bills. That means changing to LEDs and automated lighting can practically pay for itself through the savings on your energy bills!
  • You won't have to change light bulbs as often. When you make the switch to LEDs, you'll get to enjoy maintenance-free lighting for much longer periods of time. That's less time spent on home maintenance!

How Do I Install It? 

Installing automated home lighting is often as easy as screwing in a lightbulb! This Smarssen Bluetooth LED Smart Light Bulb is a great choice. Just connect the bulb to the Bluetooth on your phone and you'll be ready to choose colors, set timing, and turn lights on and off automatically. You can even program specific lighting for parties, movie night, reading, and more. You'll love how easy it is to create a lighting scheme that you love, all while saving money and benefitting the environment. 

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