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Do you ever go to the bathroom and think, “This is okay, but I wish it were more like a rave.” Great news: we have the perfect solution for you! Our Smarssen motion-sensor toilet bowl light will make your powder room feel like a party. Read on for the top reasons why this LED light needs to make its way into your washroom. 

Never Fall Into the Toilet Again!

It has happened to us all: You’re trying to use the loo in the middle of the night without disturbing your household, so you don’t bother flipping any light switches. You know your home well enough to do your business in the dark, right? Wrong! That toilet seat was never put down (curse you, Bob!) and now you’re bum-deep in toilet water. This unpleasant experience could have been entirely avoided with our innovative toilet bowl light. Whether you choose to keep your toilet illuminated with your favorite of the seven colors offered, or you select the “carousel” mode that rotates through a rainbow of colors, when you need to see a man about a horse in the middle of the night, our toilet bowl light prevents you from taking an unexpected dip. 

Impress Your Guests

Whether you are hosting an all-night rager or just having a friend or two over for dinner, anyone who crosses your threshold will be blown away by the party in your porcelain. Give them a heads up, or simply let them be surprised by your motion-activated toilet light. You are sure to hear “oohs” and “ahhs” from the other side of the bathroom door as your color-changing toilet bowl light entertains and enthralls your visitors. They may even forget to actually do their business because of the spectacle that is your colorful throne!

Save the Environment

Between double-flushing and using too much TP, your potty patterns may not always be the most eco-friendly. You can counteract your bad bathroom behavior with the easy installation of our motion-sensor toilet bowl light. It contains both light and motion sensors, so it activates when someone is in the bathroom in the dark, only illuminating when needed. Curb your carbon footprint by installing our motion-sensor toilet light in your can.

Make Your Toilet Your Own

Everyone appreciates the opportunity to express their individuality; why not do it with your toilet? Your Smarssen color-changing toilet bowl light is fully customizable, so you can make your John more joyful with your color of choice. Liven up your latrine with one of the seven colors we offer (blue, purple, aqua, yellow, red, white or green), or choose the “carousel” mode that switches color every four seconds. You can also choose from five levels of brightness, which means you can design your toilet to be a bright beacon of hope or match the low lighting of a nightclub. Our LED toilet light also fits literally any toilet and is easy to install in seconds, so whether you want it in your guest powder room or keep it to yourself in the master bath (or both!), it will fit wherever you sit.

At Smarssen, we offer a plethora of unique electronic gadgets, including our toilet bowl light with motion-sensor, color-changing LED lights. Shop Smarssen for innovative living. Smarssen: the smart person’s choice.