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If you’re searching for a quick and easy way to increase the shelf life of your food, you may have read about the effectiveness of vacuum sealers. Vacuum sealers effectively remove all air from a food’s packaging while retaining its moisture. The process of removing oxygen from food packaging greatly reduces the chances of contaminants affecting your food. Vacuum sealing is a great method to extend the expiration date of your food, but many people are unaware of the other uses that vacuum sealers provide.

Throughout this article, we’ll discuss some of the unconventional uses a vacuum sealer offers which will change the way you store household items in the future. Read more below to learn how vacuum sealers can be utilized for far more than preserving food.


If you have ever traveled by plane, you have experienced the many changes in cabin pressure as you rapidly gain altitude or descend for landing. What you may not realize is that your toiletries such as toothpaste or lotion also experience changes in air pressure. Unlucky travelers will sometimes open their toiletry bag only to see that their toothpaste or face wash has exploded, causing a mess that is difficult to clean up. To avoid your toiletries causing a disastrous mess in your bag, simply vacuum seal your bottles and tubes before flying. This will ensure that your body care products remain intact and free of damage.

Coffee Beans

When coffee beans or grounds are left out, they release carbon dioxide naturally. The process of carbon dioxide release protects your grounds from tasting old and stale. However, over time, your grounds will at some point stop releasing carbon dioxide. After your coffee stops its release of carbon dioxide, there’s only a short period of time before the grounds begin to taste old and unpleasant. To avoid poor tasting coffee, run your grounds or beans through a vacuum sealer. This process will ensure that your morning coffee is rich, tasteful, and fresh with each cup poured.


Nothing complements the great outdoors quite like jerky. Although jerky is delicious while camping or hiking, it isn’t consumed all too often at home. Jerky already has a long shelf life, but the fact that it isn’t a daily snack can leave jerky sitting in your pantry for weeks on end. Instead of letting jerky approach its expiration, many people vacuum seal it to retain its moisture and taste. By vacuum sealing your jerky, you’ll be able to save on space and keep your jerky fresh all at the same time.

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