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With summer quickly approaching, campers and outdoor enthusiasts around the country begin to explore new territories, hike untouched mountains, and trek through lush forests. Finding the right tools and gear for your outdoor adventures can be difficult, which is why we’ve made a list of the essentials you need to add to your outdoor bag this year. If you plan on hiking and camping this summer, these recommended products will make your outdoor experience even more enjoyable and unforgettable.

Never Go Without Fire Again

If you’re looking to round out your camping or hiking bag, consider adding Smarssen’s reliable outdoor fire starter to your list of essentials. While matches can be tricky to light in damp or rainy conditions, our handy fire starter can withstand every outdoor element conceivable. Smarssen’s outdoor fire starter is enclosed by a compact, bright orange case, making it easy to find when in a pinch. Our fire starter is durable and long lasting, and is able to withstand more than 10,000 consecutive strikes before needing to be replaced. If you’re searching for a vital piece of equipment to add to your survivalist toolkit, the Smarssen outdoor firestarter is perfect for you.

Take Your Kitchen Mobile

Having the proper cookware in the wild is not only important, but necessary. Every inch of storage space is critical to the success of your camping or hiking trip, which can easily be bogged down by the weight of clunky pots and pans. The aluminum outdoor cooking pot from Smarssen, however, is extremely portable and lightweight, making it a convenient alternative to cooking when compared to traditional methods. Smarssen’s portable aluminum cooking pot can be picked up while still hot, thanks to its collapsible handles, so that you can easily take your meal from the stovetop to the table. If you want to cut down on pack weight and increase your efficiency, Smarssen’s portable aluminum outdoor cooking pot is fit for the job.

Compact Cooking

If you’re a hiker that is always on the move, a portable source for cooking is most likely at the top of your list of hiking necessities. While trail mix, granola bars, and jerky are all notable camping snacks, nothing truly replaces the feeling of a warm meal, or a hot cocoa on a cold day of camping. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could pack your stove in your hiking pack? With Smarssen’s foldable outdoor gas stove, now you can. Our portable gas stove is both durable and portable, and is equipped to handle rugged terrain as well as rainy climates. The perfect complementary product to our portable aluminum outdoor cooking pot, Smarssen’s foldable gas stove can be set up and ready for cooking in a matter of minutes. With an adjustable flame dial, the Smarssen outdoor gas stove maintains consistent heat for predictable meals each and every time.

Be Prepared for Any Situation

Are you an avid hiker, camper, or outdoorsman? If so, then you know how important it is to have a well-stocked emergency kit on hand. With the Smarssen first aid emergency survival kit, you’ll be ready to face emergencies of all kinds. Our first aid emergency survival kit contains 190 items including gauze, bandages, cotton swabs, sterilizing pads, and more, so that you’ll never have to worry about being low on supplies during emergency situations. The Smarssen emergency kit is lightweight and portable, while its bright red case makes it incredibly easy to find. If you’re currently stocking up for your outdoor adventures this summer, the Smarssen first aid emergency kit is a must-have.

Choose Smarssen for Your Outdoor Needs

When traveling outdoors, it’s important to be properly equipped for every situation nature throws at you. With outdoor gear from Smarssen, you’ll never have to worry about going without proper supplies while camping or hiking. Although we’re a great resource for all things outdoors, we also sell innovative products and gadgets designed to make your life easier.

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