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Father's Day is coming up on June 18th! What are you doing for your dad? If your dad has done a lot for you over the years, this is the Father's Day to tell him thanks and let him know you appreciate all the hard work he put into making you the person that you are today. Dads can be tough to shop for, though, and you've probably given him more ties than he ever really wanted and he definitely doesn't need another piece of artwork for his refrigerator. If he's like most dads, what he really wants to open on Father's Day is a unique electronic gadget!

Thankfully, Smarssen has you covered! We've put together a Father's Day Gift Guide that will make it easy to find the perfect gift to tell your Dad that you love him. Find the perfect gift for Dad in our suggestions below! If you need more options, there are plenty of unique electronic gadgets on our website, too. 

For the Creative Dad

Does your dad love to draw or write? Do you wish it was easier for him to share his creations with the world? Then it's time to hook him up with a Smarssen Bluetooth Smartpen! This smartpen works with both Android and iOS devices, so it doesn't matter what kind of smartphone or tablet he's using. Simply attach the Bluetooth device to the top of his paper and use the included pen. The device will transfer whatever he writes or draws on the paper to his digital device, where he can edit it and share it with the world! It's a great way to go digital without the hassle. 

For the Outdoorsy Dad

Whether your dad loves to hunt or is an avid nature watcher, he's sure to love the High-Resolution LED Trail Camera from Smarssen. This camera is super easy to use and allows Dad to capture wide-angle shots of wildlife, even in the dark! Set it up to monitor an area to see what animals are hiding there. Dad will even be able to share the images with the world. It's the perfect gift to help him bag that big game he's been hunting for, take his wildlife photography to the next level, or even prove the existence of Bigfoot.

For the DIY Dad

If your dad loves to work on DIY projects (and has been known to do a few for you, too), then make sure he has all of the tools that he needs. This LCD Battery-Operated Stud Finder is the perfect gift! He's no longer have to thump on walls or do any exploratory drilling to find a stud in the wall. Simply wave the stud finder over the wall and it will alert you when you've located a stud. It's super portable, too, so whether Dad is working on his house or yours he can take this super useful tool with him. 

For the Adventurous Dad

Maybe your dad loves an adventure and he instilled that value in you, too. The next time you go out looking for adventure, make sure you bring this Portable Aluminum Camping Kettle. This kettle is great for making soups, tea, coffee, or hot cocoa when you are out on a great exploration. It heats up in less time than other kettles thanks to an energy gathering ring at the bottom. He can even use it indoors when the adventure is over!

For the Executive Dad

If your dad is the hardest worker that you know, he needs to treat himself this Father's Day. Help him relax with a Smarssen Shiatsu Pillow Massager with Heat. Dad can attach this unique electronic gadget to his favorite office chair and select the mode that's right for him. He'll enjoy a deep-kneading massage, heat to loosen his muscles, and can be used all over the body. Dad will be feeling more relaxed in no time!

Get everything you need for dad this Father's Day! There is still time to place your order for the unique electronic gadgets he wants this year. You'll love how his face lights up when he opens up a gift that he actually wants and will use this year! Remember when you order from Smarssen you get free shipping, and check out our website for codes to save 10% off on your first order.