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Experienced hunters know that trail cams give you a leg up on wildlife by being able to monitor their habits and movements through game trails, watering holes, or feeding spots. It can be difficult to find the perfect location to place your trail cam, as it needs to blend seamlessly with surrounding nature. While not a common occurrence, trail cams have been stolen by other hunters or individuals wandering through the forest. For this reason, you should always consider placing your trail cam in an inconspicuous location.

Throughout this article, we’ll talk about how a trail cam operates, while highlighting some of the key features that trail cams provide to hunters. We’ll also discuss techniques for effectively placing your trail cam, so that you can capture the most activity possible with perfect placement. At Smarssen’s online store, we sell far more than just trail cams, we also sell the most innovative products to make your life easier. To learn more about how trail cams work and where you should place them in the wilderness, continue reading more below.

What You Need to Know About Trail Cams

Trail cameras are able to pick up on wildlife activity, thanks to its technology which detects both heat and motion. After your trail cam has detected movement, an image will be captured and stored of the animal that activated your trail cam. Not only are trail cams useful for monitoring the habits of wildlife throughout the day, they also can effectively capture activity at night. With Smarssen’s high resolution trail camera, 42 LEDs work together to create 60 feet of viewable night vision imagery.

New trail camera users need not worry about their camera losing power, as our high quality trail camera can run for 6 months without requiring new batteries. This allows hunters to keep their trail camera in one place for long periods of time, so that they may monitor the daily habits and movements of all wildlife passing by.

Smarssen Trail Camera Features

  • Allows for up to 32GB of storage for endless image capturing
  • Crisp images from a 5-megapixel camera
  • Captures everything in sight, thanks to its wide-angle lens
  • Night vision capabilities for tracking animals at night
  • Clear photos from anti-blur technology

With the latest features that you would want from a trail camera, Smarssen’s cutting-edge, high resolution LED trail camera is perfect for both beginner hunters and avid outdoor enthusiasts. Though our trail cameras offer leading technology, we also have a wide variety of products to choose from on our online store. From baby and home products, to outdoor, health, and fitness items, we truly offer the most innovative products for individuals of all lifestyles.

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