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Smarssen Smart Brush BBQ Grill Cleaner

$12.95 $24.95

This BBQ brush cleaner is the best way to get your grill squeaky clean and ready to go for your next cookout.
  • EFFECTIVE CLEANING. The BBQ grill brush will clean and sterilize your grill easily with the BBQ steam water brush to prepare healthier and tastier food.
  • EASY TO USE. Dual handle provides better leverage so you can remove stubborn grease and grime effortlessly.
  • MORE HYGIENIC. The floating brush head design allows for maximum hygiene; simply press down on the brush head several times to start the flow of water or detergent. Deep cleaning option for cleaning the grill with liquid detergent after use. This will keep your grill very clean and ready for your next BBQ.
  • VERSATILE. Comes with two different kinds of brushes; one is metal for grill, the other is plastic for daily cleaning. 
One of the most practical tools to use before or after every cookout is a grill brush. Most people leave their grill brush hanging on their grill where it is always accessible. That means their trusty grill brush takes a real beating from frequent use and the elements. When using traditional BBQ grill brushes, one must use a lot of pressure to vigorously brush off burned-on food residue, which wears down the bristles. At Smarssen, our BBQ brush grill cleaner will easily sterilize your grill with a BBQ steam brush so you can prepare healthier and tastier food. For deep cleaning, you can use liquid detergent, cleaning the barbeque grill with much more effect after the grill use. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
  • Dual-head BBQ grill brush 
  • Steam brush allows for deeper clean
  • Can use with liquid detergent
  • Comes with two brushes: metal and plastic 
When you want to deep-clean your grill, there is no better option than our BBQ grill brush. Shop Smarssen for more gadgets that make your life easier.


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